International Listings
2020 SL500  / SL400 Grand Edition , Huge Specification, Colour choice , From $139,900
2019 Mercedes SL63 ,white  as new  3000km-$169,900
2020 AMG GT C Coupe, 1,000km; Stunning $249,000
2020 E53 Convertibles..From $115,000
2019 AMG GTS 4 door 8,000km POA
2019/2020 Selection of GLE 300D / 400D SUV from $109,900
2019 AMG GTS 15,000km $199,000
2019-20 CLS 350D and S Class 350D
2017 G350D in Black or White approx 10,000 km from $150,000
2019-2020 BMW Z4 3.0 and M40i 
2020 320 BMW M sport saloon Black
2020 330e hybrid sport touring - stunning in black 13,000km
2020 X1, X3, X4 BMW Model Demonstrators
2020 520 D  BMW Hybrid 5,000 km $69,900
2020 BMWX6 M50d Coupe 10.000km in Black
2020 BMW X5 45e Sport Hybrid 10,000km
2020 X5 M50i, 14000km, White 
Lexus ES300h in Blue, 2000km $69,900
These are current listings when prepared which can change quickly
If sold I can possibly find another similar vehicle
Let me know what you are looking for or if you have seen something in UK you want to purchase and export